Avasco Industries
Innovation through metal sheet processing


Avasco Industries NV was founded in 1969 in Diksmuide and the company has specialised in the production of metal shelving for domestic, industrial, office and library  applications for over 40 years.

Since 2001, Avasco Industries has been part of the Vergalle Group, an organisation which has a turnover of 175m euros and 500 employees.  The Avasco company itself has factory space  of more than 30 000m² spread over 2 locations, a team of 45 employees and has an annual turnover of 25m euros euros across 4 divisions:

<> Shelving
<> Solar
<> Sub-contracting services for variety of metal-working applications
<> Water tanks for sprinkler systems

The Shelving division is the leader in the DIY market across a number of European countries, key.customers being wholesalers in the DIY sector, food distribution and mail-order companies, industrial warehouse installers and industrial production plants. Over time, we have seen a real growth in our metal-working sub-contracting activities, with “Avasco Subcontracting” being established in 2003 allowing the business to increase its sheet-metal work, punching, lasering, bending and pressing. Investment in hi-tech machinery has allowed this growth to happen, meaning the business can continue to develop innovating products designed with the most modern technologies.

Avasco Solar have developed a low ballast mounting frame system,for the easy installation of solar panels onto flat roofs, with absolute flexibility in regard to a range of required angles and universal panel application.

The Water tank sprinkler division is also a market leader in its field and  Avasco Sprinkler supplies both a complete single water tank and multiple system solution.

With all our products, due to our own design and production facilities and expertise, we have the abilty to offer genuine flexibility, as the market demands.